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The Copywriter

Niche, yet flexible.

I've been writing corporate stories for 20 years.
While I'm often called on to write about fintech and financial services, my background is in food and beverages, consumer technology, and lifestyle. My work spans various industry sectors, mostly B2B, but I've also nailed copy for B2C and beyond.
The Podcast Producer

Be heard.

I believe in the power and potential of audio.
I’ve produced hundreds of podcasts across various industries since about 2009. It’s my absolute passion. I produce podcasts because I believe in improving communication. I work mainly (but not exclusively) in B2B because there’s so much room to improve basic communication, and audio is the way to do it.
The Content Creator

Stories to be told.

I dig deep into your story to eek out the content.
With a background in content creation, publishing, copywriting and editing, I bring more to the table. As well as hiring a copywriter, you're hiring a podcast producer, host, interviewer, multimedia publisher, social media expert, content creator and professional editor.
The Collaborator

Works well with others.

I've created content with some of the best pros.
And when you add coaching, branding, social media, website integration, copywriting and strategy to the mix, rest assured your content will go live fully prepped and ready for an audience.
I highly recommend Shaun for the quality of his work and his character.
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