Last updated: 29 June 2021

My approach to collecting your data

This privacy notice is for visitors to the Shaun Weston Media website (that's here). Let's cut to the chase ... I don't collect personal data.

What, not even via analytics?

Yes, I'm hooked into Google Analytics. It tells me what the most popular pages on my website are, as well as what devices people are using, and so on. I don't use the information to inform me beyond mere curiosity, and I don't get to see your personal information. I also don't trust it to give me a completely accurate picture of real traffic, because how can it? For example, I use Safari for browsing, DuckDuckGo for searching, and I try to stay on top of hiding myself from invasive cookies. If I'm doing it, millions of other people are too.

Plus, every client I've worked with discovered me via word of mouth. I use my website to help people who've already found me, to help them make a decision on whether to request my services. You may share your email address with me via my contact form, but I don't add it to a CRM or share it online. I use it to email you back, and if you're not interested in my services, I have no need to keep your email address.

Of course, "experts" will tell me I'll never make a living without getting into bed with traffic analysers. I'm always open to be convinced, so please feel free to get in touch and let's enjoy a coffee together. Mine's a short cappuccino, single shot, whole milk, no chocolate.

I advocate privacy, real privacy

Your data is really none of my business. Of course, if we work together, we'll find out all sorts of things about one another, and that information would fall under our confidentially agreement. For the purposes of browsing this website, please be reassured that I have no interest in knowing anything about you until you want me to.

I'm not perfect

A privacy page is expected, which is why I still have one. And I'm learning all the time, so if something looks fishy while you're browsing my site, drop me a line. I'm on LinkedIn if you don't want to use my contact form. I'd be happy to hear from you with suggestions on how to improve my approach to respecting your privacy.

Let's have that coffee.

Up for a chat?

There's a few ways to get in touch with me, and the simplest is via my contact form.