Media Will Eat Itself

TikTok, authenticity and design, with Tom Ross

TikTok, authenticity and design, with Tom Ross
Tom Ross of Design Cuts joins Shaun Weston on the Media Will Eat Itself podcast to talk about design, authenticity, and the human side of content marketing.

In episode 13 of Media Will Eat Itself, I chat to Tom Ross, founder and CEO of Design Cuts, about how fast the world of media and design is moving. We discuss the power of authenticity, the marriage of design and technology, and what it’s like to try a new platform such as Tiktok and feel old (at 31).

Find out more about Tom on his LinkedIn page, and via The Futures website.

Show notes

00:33 Skip the intro. The human side of branding and marketing, driven by the power of podcasts.

02:26 Tom talks about his two podcasts, The Honest Entrepreneur Show and The Honest Designers Show. He also talks about his company, Design Cuts, how it works and the community it was created for. He describes is as “the Amazon for graphic designers”.

04:45 The world is moving fast! What’s it like starting a business in this fast-paced world? Tom shares his thoughts about how the modern age “keeps you on your toes”, and how his father and he differ in terms of how to run a modern company.

08:51 Does being a natural entrepreneur mean you’re a natural leader? The short answer is … well, you have to listen to the podcast to find out!

10:36 TikTok is a short-form mobile video platform that young people are crushing. What happened when Tom and his team gave it a try, and what does Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) have to do with anything?

15:25 The real self vs the company brand – what’s Tom’s approach? Authenticity is the new currency, he says.

"People are sick of all the fake influencers and un-relatable celebrities. They want relatable truth."

17:38 What about the practical side of things? What does the format of modern media engagement look like? What will we be using over the next couple of years? Regardless of talking about the practical side of modern media, Tom inevitably brings our conversation back to the human element, a subject he’s incredibly passionate about.

21:32 How has the world of design changed over the years? Tom is a geek at heart, and goes into how fast things have moved. He’s a digital native with a background of coding in Notepad at 12! How does he keep up?

23:21 I ask Tom if the marriage of design and technology is a fruitful one. He goes further to suggest an even better marriage! Finally, Tom offers listeners something very personal, which sums him up. Authentic.

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