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Tanya Andreasyan on breaking down silos with social media

Tanya Andreasyan on breaking down silos with social media
Shaun Weston and Tanya Andreasyan discuss editing a demanding brand in a niche area, and how social media can break down organisational silos.

In episode 16 of Media Will Eat Itself, Tanya Andreasyan, MD and editor-in-chief of FinTech Futures, joins me for a discussion about the tireless profession of being an editor. The pace of change has been led by digital, such as website proliferation and social media, yet Tanya still has a soft spot for print media.We talk about whether fake news affects the running of a niche media outlet as much as a consumer title, and how social media can help to open up compartmentalised businesses.

Find out more about Tanya Andreasyan on her LinkedIn page and check out Fintech Futures, too.

Show notes

00:32 The conversation kicks off right here. We learn about Fintech Futures, its background and its reputation. As Tanya says, there are plenty of “sister businesses” connected to the brand, making the running of it a gargantuan task.

03:26 How does Tanya manage to feed such a hungry media beast that's so demanding of her time? Regardless of sometimes feeling like not having a life, the work is interesting and keeps you on your toes. Running a global brand is demanding, yet exciting and rewarding.

05:26 Falling into finance was at first an accident, but Tanya found it sexy! Her combination of financial knowledge and publishing experience has helped her traverse the demands of the job. But how does she think publishing has changed in the last decade? Most of it is down to pace: Things are so much quicker these days, particularly in the niche area of financial technology (fintech), and websites lead the way.

08:45 Being a fan of print media, Tanya Andreasyan shares her opinion about Apple News and the subscription format. Do we have time to read everything?! And being at the cusp of media, what has she learned about herself and her place in modern media management?

13:11 There’s a lot more collaboration between departments in a successful modern media house. People no longer work in silos.

15:06 How does a modern editor manage fake news in a fast-paced environment? Does it make fact checking a nightmare? Tanya says it’s perhaps easier working in a niche area, such as fintech. And how does Fintech Futures market itself? Social media specialists have to not only know the ins and outs of social media, they need to have the required knowledge to pass off social messages with confidence.

"How can they put out tweets and interact with their audience if they have no clue what it is they're doing?"

Social media has the potential to break down the silos in your business and bring departments together.

19:57 What does Tanya’s social media strategy look like? Twitter and LinkedIn take precedence – Facebook not so much. It’s important to be relentless with output and feed the right audience on each channel.

22:22 Finally, what advice does Tanya have for budding editors?

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