From the Comms Cupboard

Two comms people signing off

Two comms people signing off
From the Comms Cupboard draws to a close after 40 episodes. John + Shaun discuss why they started the podcast in the first place.

It's been a strange year, with multiple lockdowns affecting how we work, where we work and what we work on. Some people started a podcast about communication. What have we learned about ourselves during the Coronavirus, and what will happen to the fish if no one eats it?

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Episode transcript

Shaun: so, we’re emerging from the cupboard.

John: We are – we are out on location ... in the kitchen!

Shaun: We’ve finally made it. We’ve got some fish – we’re cooking some fish.

John: And we’ve made it out of the cupboard, which is the most important thing. And you’re currently looking like a sports commentator with your headphones and microphone 🎙

Shaun: I’ve been vaccinated and it’s given me a new lease of life I suppose! ☺️

John: Why are we here today?

Shaun: Why are we here today? Well, because it’s the last episode. We don’t actually have a subject to talk about. We didn’t plan one. This is sort of a wrap-up of, can you believe 39 previous episodes.

John: I actually can’t believe how many we’ve done. This will be the 40th episode in a year of lockdown. That’s pretty good!

Shaun: So, we pretty much started last March?

John: A year in the making. Like a little lockdown baby 👶🏼

Shaun: It seems like we’ve come full circle, with me being vaccinated a year on. It’s also good to think about why we started this in the first place.

John: I think we saw lockdown and Covid as an opportunity to do something new, and share what we know. A chance, for me certainly, to learn a new skill. It’s the first time I’ve done podcasting and I’m 40 episodes in, so I feel like a young veteran.

Shaun: You’re a veteran now.

John: So my intention was to learn how to do something and see the mechanics of it. You’re super experienced at this having done hundreds and hundreds of podcasts, so for me it was to learn how to do that. Also, to share my knowledge of this topic. I’m not the best sharer in that respect. I’m not a great ...

Shaun: You’re not one to actually shout about your own skills. I can reflect what you’ve just said because I’m an experienced podcaster who has worked with lots of communications people, but you are actually a communications professional. You’ve done your 10,000 hours.

John: I’ve definitely done that. It feels like I’ve done that today 😆

Shaun: It’s been a long day for you and here I am shoving a microphone up your nose. So, in terms of why we started it, you’ve got some valid reasons. What have we learned from it do you think?

John: I think the most important thing we’ve learned is that we know a lot.

Shaun: We know more than we thought we did.

John: Definitely. And also how easy a topic it is to speak about.

Shaun: You said to me earlier that sometimes people will overthink things. And along the way of covering lots of different topics across not just internal comms but communication in general, we’ve skimmed the surface but we’ve covered so many bases.

John: I don’t think we have skimmed the surface. I don’t think we’ve touched the surface! There’s so much more, and because we don’t go into depth it could be endless.

Shaun: I like that we didn’t go into depth because part of this was supposed to be fun.

John: Yeah, it was bite-size. It was meant to be a laugh and not too dry and not too serious, like a lot of podcasts.

Shaun: So many podcasts about communications are deadly earnest, aren’t they?

John: Business in general. Very earnest.

Shaun: They tend to be seminars or events. Have fun.

John: it is a serious job; a professional job, but this podcast is meant to be entertaining.

Shaun: What do you think our listeners out there would – at least the ones who haven’t said anything, the silent majority – do you think they will have enjoyed it?

John: I hope so. When we set out, we were inspired by other podcasts. We were inspired by The Bunk Bed.

Shaun: The Bunk Bed Podcast, which sadly is no longer.

John: We can’t find that anymore. Radio Four? Was it a radio show originally?

Shaun: I think so.

John: we were inspired by the fun they were having in taking a topic and mumbling, bumbling on about it. We saw that as a really good way to come intolerant business-type podcast because it can be quite silly out there as well. You have to laugh some days.

Shaun: We did get a bit of ourselves in the in the first place because we are like that anyway. I like to think we are both very professional people, but we don’t take it too seriously.

John: If you did, you would be crying all day 😭

Shaun: At this point then, we hope that you out there have really enjoyed listening to this. If you have any favourite episodes, please write in. We’re stopping now ... potentially.

John: It might not need the end the end. It’s not the dead end. it’s the end for now.

Shaun: If you’ve got favourites, you will still be able to contact us. This podcast will still be available on ...

John: Everything! Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube ...

Shaun: Yeah, it’s even on YouTube. We’ll still keep the Twitter channel going and every now and again post something to stay in touch with you guys. We’ve got over 140-odd followers or something.

John: At least a couple!

Shaun: One or two of you are more engaged than others. But we were never after attention. We never did this for attention.

John: We did it for our own learning. Certainly for me in learning this skill, but also to share knowledge if people wanted it. Hopefully we have and that it’s not all been daft and silly – that it’s been useful as well.

Shaun: I speak for myself in saying that you can find me on LinkedIn, and on my website

John: For me the same. If you want to get in contact, LinkedIn is the best way to find me. There’s probably a few other John Barnhams out there, but I’m the best one ☝️

Shaun: in the grand spirit of saying goodbye Bake-Off style ... what would they do on Bake-Off? It would be a roundup of what people are doing next. But it was only the two of us.

John: Maybe we should bake a cake.

Shaun: Ooh, let’s do it. Sod the fish.🐟

Photo by DDP on Unsplash

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