Media Will Eat Itself

The Rachel Morrissey podcast production 101 interview

The Rachel Morrissey podcast production 101 interview
Rachel Morrissey and host Shaun Weston talk about podcasting, and how a podcast can be the misisng link in your content arsenal.

I’ve known Rachel Morrissey for a few years, though before the recording of this podcast, we had never actually met. In fact we still haven't, as it was through the convenience of Skype we conducted this great interview! This was an opportunity to share our respective knowledge of broadcasting for the benefit of the second episode of Media Will Eat Itself.

Rachel Morrissey is an experienced podcast producer in the US. I know a thing or two about podcast production myself, but just listening to me drone on about it for half an hour is enough to drive anyone crazy. Rachel generously shares her knowledge instead!It’s a show full of useful tips and tricks, and great insight into how podcasts are put together.

Show notes

01:19 Skip the intro. This is where the main conversation begins, where Rachel Morrissey graciously introduces herself and what she does. How did she get into podcasts? Was Breaking Banks her first gig? What tools did she learn about? And how did her background in theatre help get the ball rolling?

05:10 Let's talk about collaboration, and working well with others.

06:20 What's all this about the sugar tax? Yes, we get distracted. I ask Rachel about the recent sugar tax debate, and she has a lot to say about it because of her experience as a lobbyist.

07:50 What's the difference between the perception of what a podcast is in the UK and the US? Rachel shares her New York opinion, and I share things from a European perspective. Who's right? Who knows?!

14:00 Having a professional approach to podcasting. It's not easy – there are skills involved! What skills are needed? Rachel goes into some detail about the art of storytelling, which is more important than knowing how to plug a microphone in.

16:10 A compelling narrative overcomes technical flaws. A good audio storyteller is creating visuals in your mind.18:40How does Rachel handle scripting vs spontaneity?

21:10Podcast production is huge! There's a lot to do to get a show organised, such as red tape everywhere. And no, you can't take back what you've said once it's been published!

23:20 We talk about post-show marketing, such as social media, and getting people to listen to your hard work. You need to be multi-skilled. Employers in particular don't understand how big a job it is to produce a podcast.

26:20We don't go specifically into the exact numbers involved, but we do talk about how many people undervalue podcast production. This spills into how much we charge.

27:20 How do we get in touch with Rachel Morrissey?

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