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Martin Knight on business communications and following your instinct

Martin Knight on business communications and following your instinct
Martin Knight, MD of Home, talks to Shaun Weston about the changing face of employee engagement and internal communications over the years.

Welcome to episode 25 of the Media Will Eat Itself podcast. Martin Knight joins Shaun for this episode. He’s managing director of Home, an employee experience agency based in Bristol, where he has so far enjoyed a 28-year career fresh out of college. They discuss many topics, including internal communications, employee engagement, graphic design, leadership, transferable skills and the benefits of having worked at a single company.

Find out more about Martin at the Home website, or follow him on LinkedIn.

Show notes

00:47 Our conversation begins with an anecdote from Martin Knight about his “baptism of fire”. It was a meeting of minds that sparked what has become a successful creative relationship based on trust, respect and complementary skills.

04:42 After starting out as a junior designer, Martin worked his way through various roles within the agency. This helped him arrive at a place of understanding of other people’s pressures as the company increased in size. Are there benefits of having done this with just one company?

07:30 Home has many American clients, which is something Martin and agency founder Carol Whitworth nurtured. Creative differences exist from country to country, but Martin explains that people are people, and any quirks that exist are overwhelmed by commonalities.

10:56 Home is a collection of acquired skills over time. This section of the conversation explores how businesses evolve, and how Martin evolved his own skills to match the evolution of the company. And what did “business communications” actually look like in 1992, when Martin started out?

14:14 Do businesses have a sense of self more now than in the 80s and 90s? With this in mind, do clients know what they want more than ever before, or do they still need direction?

16:49 Home prepared a number of ‘Sofa Sessions’ to help businesses through Covid-19, and compiled a toolkit to complement the sessions. It was about helping people prepare for the next stages in terms of HR challenges.

20:33 How did Martin navigate the path from graphic designer to a position of leadership and greater responsibility for the people around him?

24:53 Does Martin manage to stay up to speed on the advances in graphic design tools and technology? He admits to being a little “ring rusty”.

25:38 What advice does Martin impart for aspiring internal communications professionals?

29:13 How to get in touch with Martin Knight of Home.

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

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