Media Will Eat Itself

Justin Crosby on life as a PR pro for the TV industry

Justin Crosby on life as a PR pro for the TV industry
Justin Crosby of Boom PR talks to Shaun Weston about the effect of Covid-19 on the TV industry, as well as his fledgling TellyCast podcast series.

In episode 27 of Media Will Eat Itself, we find out about Justin Crosby's background through various PR roles across a number of high-profile companies. This includes his work in the games and music industries, the challenges of producing a podcast, the effect of Netflix et al on how we consume media, and the opportunities the next phase of life beyond lockdown may bring.

His advice for aspiring PR professionals borders on the unimaginable: can you envision using an iPhone to actually make a call?

Find out more about Justin on Twitter,his business website Boom PR, and the TellyCast podcast.

Show notes

00:58 Justin Crosby provides some career background, including what it’s like to work at the famous Elstree Film & TV Studios. And what are SVODs?

04:05 A bit of career background, with anecdotes about Xbox, Carling, ACDC and the infancy of music sponsorship.

07:55 I ask Justin about connecting with previous industries, and how easy it is to stay up to date. Do we simply have to let things go that we were once completely immersed in?

09:53 The TellyCast podcast is something Justin created to highlight and discuss news and events in the TV industry. It’s interesting to hear how Covid-19 has affected TV production in general. Justin also describes how he got the ball rolling and the role guests have played in making the show an instant success.

16:22 Was audio production something Justin found easy? No chance! His first crack at editing a show took him 16 hours, but it was perseverance (and a little help from his friend Ian) that has kept the show going. It’s fun to hear the story about how his neighbours got involved with kicking things off.

18:29 Creative people are often under-appreciated, but the situation with Covid-19 may reveal a better understanding of the role creative people play, especially as freelancers may become popular post-lockdown.

20:46 How has the creative media industry changed over the last couple of decades? Justin describes the advent of binge TV and compares it to linear scheduling, which is something he quite likes.

22:51 How has PR adapted to change? The news cycle has sped things up, but timing has become something PR professionals can leverage to great effect.

25:33 Justin explains how he’s actually enjoyed lockdown, and is optimistic (despite the gloomy outlook for many people) about the changes we may see over the coming years.

27:55 Advice for aspiring PR professionals.

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