Media Will Eat Itself

Juliet Eccleston on the human-driven approach to modern recruitment

Juliet Eccleston, founder and CEO of AnyGood?, joins Shaun Weston to discuss her mission to “change the recruitment industry”.

Welcome to episode 23 of the Media Will Eat Itself podcast. In today’s episode, Juliet Eccleston, the founder and CEO of AnyGood?, joins Shaun Weston to discuss her mission to “change the recruitment industry”. Juliet’s professional background covers programme and project management roles across a handful of industries, including the BBC, Legal & General, and Britannia Building Society.

It’s Juliet's role as a director and company founder that the show tries to tap into, particularly how she has adapted to changes in how businesses use modern media, the role of AI, and how Juliet envisions the future of recruitment, particularly for young people getting their careers up and running.

Find out more about Juliet at the AnyGood? website, or follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Show notes

00:57 Getting to know Juliet. I watched a video Juliet created for LinkedIn, where she spoke about businesses and employees surviving this period of Coronavirus, and of protecting the broader business ecosystem. There was added potency to her message thanks to how naturally she conveyed it.

05:15 Finding out about AnyGood?, its remit and its origin story. As a recruitment platform, it helps professionals recommend other professionals for roles. “It works in a sharing economy way,” says Juliet, “and takes away the need for an intermediary in that process.”

08:46 After a long career as a consultant, what inspired Juliet to set up AnyGood? As with many startups, the business model was born out of frustration.

12:14 Previous guest Guy Shone is mentioned during our discussion as Juliet explains the research she used in the initial stages of business development. The research pointed to a distinct lack of trust in the recruitment process.

15:37 Has the recruitment industry kept up with the pace of change in regards to technology? We talk about recruitment models having not necessarily adopted new practices to make the most of new tech. “It’s about automating broken processes rather than reengineering the whole thing,” says Juliet.

19:07 AnyGood? is currently popular with more experienced professionals, but Juliet is looking at graduate recruitment too. We move on to her involvement as a mentor for Founders4Schools.

23:45 Does Juliet encourage the young people she meets to start their own businesses? Her answer if complex and boils down to exposing very young people to the practical skills you need to begin thinking like a business entrepreneur.

26:11 Coronavirus has thrown up many challenges for many industries, and recruitment cannot escape scrutiny. Juliet explains how AnyGood? will play its part.

28:05 How to contact Juliet Eccleston.

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