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Entrepreneurship and events production, with Johnny Palmer

Entrepreneurship and events production, with Johnny Palmer
Johnny Palmer and Shaun Weston discuss the events industry, how it has or hasn’t adapted to change, and Johnny’s Virtual Venue concept.

Welcome to episode 24 of the Media Will Eat Itself podcast. This week, Johnny Palmer and Shaun Weston discuss the events industry, how it has or hasn’t adapted to change, and the Virtual Venue concept. We find out a little bit about Johnny’s young entrepreneurial background, his move from Tasmania to the UK, his work in his local community, and the energy demands on the physical and mental health of a self-starter.

It’s been quite a ride for the events industry over the last few months, to say the least. Covid-19 has brought proceedings to a standstill. So the discussion begins by asking Johnny to introduce us to his current project, The Virtual Venue ...

Find out more about Johnny at the Pytch website Pytch website (formerly SXS Events),or follow him on LinkedIn.

Show notes

00:44 I begin by asking Johnny Palmer about his current project, The Virtual Venue, in light of the restrictions placed on the events industry because of Covid-19. Included is a brief explanation of how teaching platform Intelligo pivoted to become key functionality for events.

02:40 Obsessed with audio equipment as a 9-year-old in his native Tasmania, Johnny describes his journey through being a DJ to his move to the UK, where he started his company SXS Events at just 15. What is it that drives a natural entrepreneur?

06:31 How did Johnny fall into the events industry in the first place? We discuss advances in technology, from the lack of adoption at the base level, to grasping innovation at the top end. How about adopting to new ways of working, too?

08:59 Johnny is also involved in local community projects, namely the Warleigh Weir Project. He developed SolCell, a renewable energy business. So what motivates him to apply his energies to so many simultaneous endeavours?

11:50 Being mega-busy doesn’t always mean being mega-productive. The key to being productive in a short space of time is by simplifying complicated processes.

“I don’t believe I’m truly productive creatively for more than a few hours a day. But in those three hours a day, I’m a machine.”

13:26 The importance of selling your personality and character as a business professional in 2020. It’s about being authentic.

15:22 Why does Johnny prefer video as a delivery medium for his professional marketing? How does it compare with other mediums? It could be a matter of preference. Johnny Palmer seems to have a natural ability to present his goals and ideas through video. Are videos a part of his day-to-day challenges? Perhaps not. Crystal ball reading may come into it!

17:46 How does Johnny depressurise from the demands of being a highly motivated businessperson? He talks about his favourite podcasts, and Joe Rogan’s move to Spotify. To finish our interview, Johnny imparts some wisdom for young people and budding entrepreneurs.

20:42 How to get in touch with Johnny Palmer.

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