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Podcasting, leadership and AI, with Alexandra Moxin

Podcasting, leadership and AI, with Alexandra Moxin
Alexandra Moxin talks to Shaun Weston about getting into tech, project management, podcast production, AI and self-promotion.

Alexandra Moxin is CEO and founder of Advance Tech Media, and produces the Advance Tech podcast. She talks to Shaun Weston about getting into tech, project management, podcast production and self-promotion.

The conversation turns to the power of writing vs audio and video, leadership, and the cumbersome yet fascinating topic of artificial intelligence.

Find out more about Alexandra on Twitter, and the Advance Tech Podcast.

Show notes

01:14 Alexandra introduces us to her business.

03:06 Alexandra knows how much work goes into producing a podcast! Starting on the Vancouver Tech Podcast, she now hosts and produces the Advance Tech Podcast.

06:03 How does a podcast help in breaking down information into something more people can understand?

07:35 Alexandra recalls working on a 3D printer in 2003, long before commercial adoption. This was the foundation of her move into project management.

10:54 “Words can convey such power,” says Alexandra, “and the ability to wrap something up so that it’s accessible yet still interesting and compelling, there’s something really cool about that.”

12:18 We talk about podcast production, self-promotion and introversion. Does introversion play a role in the life of a reluctant self-promoter?

15:36 Each medium has its strengths, whether it’s writing, audio or video. Alexandra talks about her recent article, Phoenix, for Citadel21.

19:46 Alexandra wrote a piece about leadership in 2018. Is this a topic she would like to focus on more?

23:26 Covid-19 has presented an opportunity for people to improve their knowledge, learn new things and forge new hobbies. How might AI help? The fast processing of data opens up a whole new world of possibility. Alexandra and I get into the weeds a little bit, but it’s fascinating stuff about the potential for AI and robotics to change our lives.

31:07 What does Alexandra do to relax? She shares her thoughts about the importance of physical activity, particularly for young people.

33:39 How to get in touch with Alexandra Moxin.

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