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Thought leadership for a niche audience

Aito specialises in machine learning technologies, and is an advocate of realising automation opportunities across many industries. It uses social media platforms for brand awareness, and guests on other people's technology podcasts. With a website that gets straight to the point, Aito knows the value of getting core messages out quickly and succinctly.

To build on this, Aito wanted to write more articles about what automation is and what it does, and how it can help more customers find more solutions to common business process issues.

Think more, write more

My knowledge of automation was rudimentary. However, the key to getting started on writing articles for Aito was about understanding who the audience was. I looked for common themes such as sticking points, where businesses were regularly left frustrated by complex internal processes. Core themes and issues are often universal and can apply to many different companies and sectors. This was a perfect way for me to become accustomed to the audience, and to understand how automation could help.

The more articles I wrote, the more research I was doing around machine learning and robotic process automation. I was becoming well-versed in finding pain points that Aito's readership could hopefully grasp on to. Go to the Aito blog.

Various images of Aito blog posts.

Prepping for a podcast

After writing a few articles, I was asked to help with preparing one of the Aito guys for a podcast he was due to appear on. My advice was based on having conducted hundreds of interviews, so I was able to help prepare him for the questions he might face. I also advised on the best way to answer questions from a business point of view, making sure that good calls to action for Aito were top of mind!

Web headline copy

The Aito website was being restructured in light of how in-house technology was adapting. Machine learning changes all the time, so it's good practice to frequently refresh marketing messages. I helped to rewrite the main hero copy, making it more accessible and readable.

Aito website hero image, with new copy.

As well as updating the hero copy, I suggested a few copy changes to various sections on the homepage. These included simplifying passages to ensure messages were clear. Aito is a Finnish company, and while their English is excellent, it's always worth having a native English copywriter check all-important marketing copy.

Taking on a case study

Aito has applied its automation know-how for the benefit of many companies, and across various industries. I helped to write a case study for one of Aito's clients, which was a difficult task to begin with. This was because the client didn't speak English very well. I prepared a number of questions, so that Aito could conduct an interview with their client. I took the answers, now translated by Aito, and created a case study that could work for an English-speaking audience.

It was a fun challenge, and was a good way for Aito to understand the process of how copywriters usually put case studies together. This is the sort of knowledge I like to pass on, so that the clients I work with can learn new techniques and apply them to future projects. In return, I get to learn new things from enthusiastic clients, and develop bonds that hopefully last longer than a couple of blog posts.

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